Welcome to Freebird Design

Welcome to Freebird Design

Posted by freebi16_wp | September 26, 2017 | Blog, Branding, category-1

Getting a new website up and running is a challenging endeavor for even the largest of companies with many resources at their disposal. With Freebird Design, this was no different. From creating and uploading collaterals to writing the new copy and content, it’s a lot to take on just from the content side. This doesn’t even count the tedious process of setting up domains, figuring out which hosting plan will suit best, and finally optimizing it all for speed and for Google. But, after all the late nights creating new images, resizing them into a myriad of formats, and getting all the pages looking and linking properly, some things invariably had to wait until after launch. One thing in particular, was crafting all the blog content that I wanted to be ready at launch. So without any more preamble, I’d like to welcome you to the first edition of the Freebird Design Co. blog.

To start, I am just going to say that I am a huge branding and content nerd. From the design and copy of a whitepaper, to a beer label, I have always been drawn to what good content and design is and looks like. I’m the guy that screenshots good ads online, and removes good labels from bottles to horde in my inspiration cabinet at home. I love it all. So, for the Freebird blog my intent is to create and seek a mix of branding and collaterals that I stumble across in my day-to-day voyages, and break down what makes them work. On top of that, I will be posting some tips, tricks, and the typical list blogs that will hopefully provide some value you, my eager marketing and design fans.

So keep an eye out and stay tuned for the next edition.

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