Varia Ventures
Creating a visual identity for a venture capital group

CompanyVaria Ventures
Project TypeBrand Identity and Web Design
The Identity of Venture Capital

In 1965, Gerald Lippes embarked on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Buffalo, New York, with a business mindset. How could he leverage his prowess as a local litigator to help businesses thrive in the community he loved? The answer was to invest private capital in emerging businesses, nurture their growth, and help them make meaningful connections, around town and beyond. Despite this history of success, B3P felt that its brand identity was getting lost in the current startup ecosystem. Why? How? Vague branding and weak positioning. That’s until the team at Lippes and B3P called upon Freebird Design. We conducted interviews with team members—such as founders, C-level executives, and partners—to get a true grasp of what they were looking for and how they could see it come to life. The result: the transformation of B3P to Varia Ventures.